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Doctoral Thesis (5)

Designing workstations for Human-Industrial Robot Collaboration (Feb 2020)
Fredrik Ore
Doctoral Thesis (PhD Thesis)

Developing Process Design Methodology for Investment Cast Thin-Walled Structures (Mar 2018)
Mohsin Raza

The fuzzy front end of manufacturing technology development – Exploring the link between the known and the unknown (Dec 2017)
Mats Ahlskog

Flexibility in assembly systems using product design (Dec 2017)
Narges Asadi

Time to change – zipping sustainability into operations (Dec 2017)
Anna Sannö

Licentiate Thesis (16)

Assessment of newness in a production system: Experiences from the heavy duty vehicle industry (Oct 2017)
Joel Schedin

Towards achieving network capabilities in global production network of contract manufacturers (Nov 2015)
Farhad Norouzilame

Evaluation of Robot Structures – For applications that require high performance, safety and low energy consumption (Nov 2015)
Bhanoday Reddy Vemula

Strategic Maintenance Development focusing on use of Condition Based Maintenance in Manufacturing Industry (Sep 2015)
Ali Rastegari

Design Process of Flexible Assembly Systems (Sep 2015)
Natalia Svensson Harari

Human − industrial robot collaboration (Sep 2015)
Fredrik Ore

Material efficiency management in manufacturing (Sep 2015)
Sasha Shahbazi

Considering Engineering Change Management in Project Realisation (Aug 2015)
Peter Sjögren

Supporting flexibility in an assembly system through product design (Jun 2015)
Narges Asadi

Towards a lean integration of lean (Jun 2015)
Christer Osterman

Towards tailoring the product introduction process for low-volume manufacturing industries (May 2015)
Siavash Javadi

Mohsin Raza

Model for change in production systems triggered by environmental requirements (Apr 2015)
Anna Sannö

Supporting Pre-Development of New Manufacturing Technologies (Apr 2015)
Mats Ahlskog

Improving project performance in product development (Mar 2015)
Catarina Bojesson

A supportive framework for successful implementation of improvement work (Feb 2014)
Lina Stålberg

Book chapter (2)

Manufacturing Engineering Requirements in the Early Stages of New Product Development—A Case Study in Two Assembly Plants (Oct 2018)
Mariam Nafisi , Magnus Wiktorsson, Carin Rösiö, Anna Granlund

Using the Green Performance Map: towards material efficiency measurement (May 2018)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Martin Kurdve

Journal article (42)

Design method of human–industrial robot collaborative workstation with industrial application (Sep 2020)
Fredrik Ore, Juan Luis Jiménez Sánchez , Magnus Wiktorsson, Lars Hanson
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufactuirng (IJCIM)

The fuzzy front end of manufacturing technology development (Oct 2019)
Mats Ahlskog, Jessica Bruch, Mats Jackson
International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management (IJMTM)

Decision Making Approaches in Process Innovations: An Explorative Case Study (Sep 2019)
Erik Flores-García, Jessica Bruch, Magnus Wiktorsson, Mats Jackson
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (JMTM)

Implications of realising mix flexibility in assembly systems for product modularity - a case study (May 2019)
Narges Asadi, Mats Jackson, Anders Fundin
Journal of Manufacturing Systems (JMS)

Increasing the Impact of Industry–Academia Collaboration through Co-Production (Apr 2019)
Anna Sannö, Anna Ericsson Öberg , Erik Flores-García, Mats Jackson
Technology Innovation Management Review (TIM Review)

What guides information consensus? Approaching the reduction of equivocality in process innovations (Apr 2019)
Erik Flores-García, Jessica Bruch, Magnus Wiktorsson, Mats Jackson
International Journal of Manufacturing Research (IJMR)

Integrating knowledge for manufacturing technology development (Jan 2019)
Anna Sannö, Mats Ahlskog
International Journal of Product Development (IJDP)

Lean production integration adaptable to dynamic conditions (Aug 2018)
Lina Stålberg, Anders Fundin
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (JMTM)

Managing emergent changes: ad hoc teams’ praxis and practices (May 2018)
Peter Sjögren, Björn Fagerström, Martin Kurdve, Magnus Callavik
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business (IJMPB)

Effects of process related variations on defect formation in investment cast components (Mar 2018)
Mohsin Raza, Pedro Silva , Mark Irwin , Björn Fagerström, Anders Jarfors
Archives of Foundry Engineering (AFE)

Coordination practices within international manufacturing networks (Mar 2018)
Farhad Norouzilame, Magnus Wiktorsson
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM)

A holistic model for inter-plant knowledge transfer within an international manufacturing network (Feb 2018)
Farhad Norouzilame, Peter Sjögren
Journal of Knowledge Management (JKM)

Material efficiency measurements in manufacturing: Swedish case studies (Jan 2018)
Sasha Shahbazi, Christina Jönsson , Martin Kurdve, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Magnus Wiktorsson
Journal of Cleaner Production (IJCLEPRO)

Effects of Process Related Variations on Fillablity Simulation of Thin-Walled IN718 Structures (Nov 2017)
Mohsin Raza, Roger Svenningsson , Mark Irwin , Björn Fagerström, Anders Jarfors
International Journal of Metal Casting (Inter Metalcast)

Online Vibration Condition Monitoring of Gas Circulation Fans in Hardening Process (Oct 2017)
Ali Rastegari, Andreas Archenti
International Journal of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (IJ'COMADEM)

Factors influencing control charts usage of operational measures (Sep 2017)
Anna Ericsson Öberg , Peter Hammersberg , Anders Fundin
Measuring Business Excellence (MBE)

Knowledge integration in manufacturing technology development (Aug 2017)
Mats Ahlskog, Jessica Bruch, Mats Jackson
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (JMTM)

Linking product design to flexibility in an assembly system: a case study (Jul 2017)
Narges Asadi, Mats Jackson, Anders Fundin
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (JMTM)

Conceptions and operational use of value and waste in lean manufacturing – an interpretivist approach (May 2017)
Peter E Johansson, Christer Osterman
International Journal of Production Research (IJPR)

Condition-based maintenance effectiveness from material efficiency perspective (May 2017)
Ali Rastegari, Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Bengtsson
International Journal of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (IJ'COMADEM)

Exploring quality challenges and the validity of excellence models (Oct 2016)
Henrik Eriksson , Ida Gremyr , Bjarne Bergquist , Rickard Garvare , Anders Fundin, Håkan Wiklund , Michael Westher , Lars Sörqvist
International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM)

Management of environmentally driven change projects (Sep 2016)
Anna Sannö, Sasha Shahbazi, Carin Ström , Mats Deleryd, Anders Fundin
International Journal of Sustainable Economy (IJSE)

A Comparison of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approaches for Maintenance Strategy Selection (A Case Study) (Sep 2016)
Malek Tajadod , Mohammadali Abedini , Ali Rastegari, Mohammadsadegh Mobin
International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences (IJSDS)

Material efficiency in manufacturing: Swedish evidence on potential, barriers and strategies (Apr 2016)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Martin Kurdve, Christina Jönsson , Marcus Bjelkemyr
Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLP127)

Characteristics of product introduction process in low-volume manufacturing industries: A case study (Mar 2016)
Siavash Javadi, Jessica Bruch, Monica Bellgran
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (JMTM)

Human Industrial Robot Collaboration – development and application of simulation software (Mar 2016)
Fredrik Ore, Lars Hanson , Niclas Delfs , Magnus Wiktorsson
International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation Vol 5 No 2 (IJHMFS)

Managing environmentally driven change - a movement from reactive to proactive behaviour (Feb 2016)
Anna Sannö, Anders Fundin, Lina Stålberg
International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management (IJPQM)

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