Peter E Johansson, Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

Peter E. Johansson received his PhD in Education in 2011 at Stockholm University; specialized in the fields of workplace learning, learning organizations and organization pedagogics. Since 2012 Peter is an Associate Professor in Innovation Science, at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University.

Peter is the subject representative for Innovation Science, and the Head of Research Education in Innovation and Product Realisation. 

Previously he has been program coordinator of the bachelor programme in Innovation (2013-2014), and was the project leader for the development of MDHs new bachelor programme in Innovation.  

Peter has an extensive experience from teaching in courses at bachelor and master level. Areas of teaching are Workplace Innovation,  Innovation Management, Organisational Pedagogics, and research methods. 

Peters research deals with the emergence of, and conditions for, learning and development of innovation competence; on an individual and organisational level as well as the relation between those. 

Peter are involved in several cross-disciplinary research projects, and his current research interests are positioned in the intersection between operations management and innovation management research.

Together with colleagues, Peter is chairing the research group Workplace Innovation and Quality Management (WIQM) at Mälardalen university.

In 2017, Peter co-edited the antology "Innovative quality improvements in operations", published by Springer International,


PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Christer Nygren

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Daniel Gåsvaer
Filip Flankegård
Helena Blackbright