Koteshwar Chirumalla, Researcher, Senior Lecturer

Koteshwar is assistant professor at the Division of Design and Visualisation within Innovation and Product Realisation (IPR) research profile. He received his Ph.D. in the area of Product Innovation, from the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, with a focus on lessons learned practice in the aerospace product development. His research has resulted in the development of a methodology, guidelines and technology enablers to support the lessons learned practices in complex product development environments such as Product-Service Systems. He earned his M.Sc. degrees in both Production Engineering Management and Materials Processing from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. 

Koteshwar research interests include knowledge management, lessons learned practice, experience feedback, project management, product-service systems, and service innovation. His research is focused on the development of methods, routines, practices, tools, and frameworks to support organisation and management of knowledge, experience and learnings in different contexts such as product-service systems, project management in operations, industrialisation process, and maintenance management. His research has been published in international journals including Research-Technology Managament Journal, International Journal of Networking and Virtual OrganisationsInternational Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, and Journal of Business Research. He is currently leading a  research project called FeedInn (Organizing Experience Feedback Loops for Production Innovation) and is involving in a research project called COPE (Core Plant Excellence). He is also part of XPRES Research Leading Team, together with Jessica Bruch and Anna Granlund, from MDH side. His current research activities, including:

-Investigating the current state of experience feedback loops, mechanisms, and practices in the context of production development and project management in operations

-Studying the management of development projects in operations from degree of newness perspective

-Organising service innovation in a product-centric manufacturing companies 

-Implementing and testing blended learning approaches in the innovation and design education



PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Mariam Nafisi

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Siavash Javadi