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Book (1)

Management by Freedom. Essays in moving from Machiavellian to Rousseauian approaches to innovation and inquiry. (Dec 2005)
Erik Lindhult

Book chapter (1)

Developing collaborative power in working life: linking American pragmatism and action research (Jul 2013)
Tore Hafting , Erik Lindhult

Collection (Editor) (6)

Sustainable entrepreneurship as driver in cleantech development towards industrial eco-renewal (Dec 2011)
Erik Lindhult
Studies in Industrial Renewal – Coping with Changing Contexts

Development Partnership as Societal Entrepreneurship (Dec 2009)
Erik Lindhult
Entrepreneurship in the Name of Society

Utvecklingspartnerskap som samhällsentreprenörskap (Nov 2009)
Erik Lindhult
Samhällets entreprenörer. En forskarantologi om samhällsentreprenörskap

Att bedöma och uppnå kvalitet i interaktiv forskning (Nov 2009)
Erik Lindhult
Gemensamt kunskapande – den interaktiva forskningen praktik

Are Partnerships Innovative? (Dec 2008)
Erik Lindhult
Partnership - As a Strategy for Social Innovation and Sustainable Change

Pratnerskap – en arena för entreprenörskap? (Dec 2008)
Erik Lindhult
Arenor för entreprenörskap

Journal article (2)

Value logics for service innovation: practice-driven implications for service-dominant logic (Jan 2018)
Erik Lindhult, Koteshwar Chirumalla, Pejvak Oghazi , Vinit Parida
Service Business: An International Journal (SBJ)

Emancipation or Workability? Critical versus pragmatic scientific orientation in action research (Jan 2008)
Anders W Johansson, Erik Lindhult
Action Research

Conference/Workshop Paper (44)

Co-creative dialogue in knowledge production-creativity and democracy in interplay
Erik Lindhult, Bengt Köping Olsson
Högskola och Samhälle i Samverkan (HSS´17)

Participatory Action Research in the Research Area of Design (Nov 2016)
Peter Sjögren, Erik Lindhult
Collaborative Action Research Network Conference (CARN )

Organizing Experience Feedback Loops for Continuous Innovation (Sep 2015)
Koteshwar Chirumalla, Erik Lindhult
16th International Continuous Innovation Network Conference (CINet 15)

Value driven innovation in industrial companies: A complexity approach (Jun 2015)
Erik Lindhult, James K. Hazy, Gerald Midgley, Koteshwar Chirumalla
The XXVI ISPIM Innovation Conference (ISPIM'15)

Norms and Ethics: Prerequisites for Excellence in Co-production (May 2015)
Ulrika Florin, Erik Lindhult
Högskola och Samhälle i Samverkan (HSS´15)

Systemic innovation – theoretical considerations (Jul 2014)
Erik Lindhult, Gerald Midgley

Complexity approach to joint value discovery in service innovation management (Jun 2014)
Erik Lindhult, James K. Hazy

Quality in innovation management auditing (Jun 2014)
Erik Lindhult

Quality in innovation management auditing (Jun 2014)
Erik Lindhult, Helena Blackbright, Christina Öberg , John Bessant , Peter E Johansson

Business Model Innovation in the Cloud (Oct 2013)
Christer Nygren, Anders Kettis , Catharina Limmerfelt , Erik Lindhult
INFORMS Annual Meeting 2013 (INFORMS2013)

Emergent innovation -– towards a new paradigm for innovation research and management (Oct 2013)
Erik Lindhult
INFORMS Annual Meeting 2013 (INFORMS2013)

ICT enabled business model innovation to support servitization in global industrial companies (Aug 2013)
Christer Nygren, Erik Lindhult
22nd Nordic Academy of Management Conference (NFF2013)

Angels and demons – The religion of Innovation? (Jun 2013)
Erik Lindhult
XIV ISPIM Conference (ISPIM 2013)

Service innovation capabilities in large industrial organizations (2013)
Erik Lindhult
XIV ISPIM Conference (ISPIM 2013)

Servitization through innovation (2013)
Erik Lindhult
European Academy of Management (EURAM 2013)

Development of Total Innovation Management Approach for Service Innovation (Nov 2012)
Erik Lindhult
7th International Symposium on Management of Technology & Innovation (ISMOT’12)

Space for emergent innovation (Oct 2012)
Erik Lindhult
INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012 (INFORMS2012)

The character of innovation system for service
Erik Lindhult, Carina Sjödin, Christer Nygren, Neil Urquhart
7th AMA SERVSIG International Service Research conference 2012 (7th AMA SERVSIG)

Democratizing Innovation – Theoretical considerations (Jun 2012)
Erik Lindhult
XXIII ISPIM Conference

American Pragmatism, Action Research and Power (Nov 2011)
Erik Lindhult, Tore Hafting
The Neon Conference, 16-18 November, Oslo, 2011

Nietzschean transcendence as core entrepreneurial challange (Aug 2011)
Erik Lindhult, Anna-Lena Carlsson, Johan Grinbergs
Paper to Nordic Academy of Management Conference NFF 2011, Stockholm

From development to delivery in industrial service innovation (Aug 2011)
Erik Lindhult, Carina Sjödin, Neil Urquhart
Nordic Academy of Management Conference (NFF), August 22-24, Stockholm, 2011

Complexity and democracy as points of departure in Total Innovation Management (Jul 2011)
Erik Lindhult, Tomas Backström
55th annual meeting of the international society for the system sciences, July 17-22, Hull, 2011

Societal entrepreneurship as identity and strategy orientation of incubators and science parks (Jun 2011)
Erik Lindhult
ICSB World Conference, 15-18 June, Stockholm, 2011

Entrepreneurship as driver of market and institutional change for sustainability (Jun 2011)
Erik Lindhult
ICSB World Conference, 15-18 June, Stockholm, 2011

Moving towards Total Innovation Management (Jun 2011)
Erik Lindhult, Tomas Backström
XXII ISPIM Conference, 12-15 June, Hamburg, 2011

Management of power in action research and participatory research (May 2011)
Erik Lindhult
Högskolor och samhälle i samverkan (HSS 2011), 4-6 May, Karlstad, Sweden

Societal Entrepreneurship for sustainable development of society (Jan 2011)
Erik Lindhult
10th International Entrepreneurship Forum, Tamkeen, Bahrain, 9-11 January 2011

Societal entrepreneurship – fruitful concept or oxymoron? (Dec 2010)
Erik Lindhult
Företagsekonomisk ämneskonferens 2010, 1-2 december, Växjö/Kalmar

Conceptualizing Everyday Entrepreneurship: A theoretical contribution to entrepreneuring (Dec 2010)
Karin Berglund, Erik Lindhult
Företagsekonomisk ämneskonferens 2010, 1-2 december, Växjö/Kalmar

Towards democratic scientific inquiry? Participatory democracy as theory of science point of departure in action research (Nov 2010)
Erik Lindhult
SPARC Conference, Runö, Sweden, 18-19 November, 2010

Societal entrepreneurship education as driver in community transformation (Jul 2010)
Erik Lindhult, Jenny Höglund, Sven Hamrefors
XVII World Congress of the International Sociological Association, 11-17 July, Gothenburg, Sweden

Sustainable entrepreneurship and cleantech. A Swedish perspective (Nov 2009)
Erik Lindhult
2009 UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop: Green Growth based on the Science Park Initiatives

Does advice to innovators contribute to innovation? (Jun 2009)
Erik Lindhult, Jenny Höglund
The XX ISPIM Conference

Societal Entrepreneurship in the development of Incubators and Science Parks (Jun 2009)
Erik Lindhult
ICSB World Conference

Variety of entrepreneurship as requirement for sustainable development . (Sep 2008)
Erik Lindhult
14th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, New Delhi, India

72 hours to innovation as creative democracy (Jun 2008)
Erik Lindhult, Jenny Höglund
The XIX ISPIM Conference – Open Innovation- Creating products and services through collaboration, Tours, 15-18 Juni, 2008

Interactive project strategy in development partnerships (Apr 2008)
Erik Lindhult
The 4th workshop on Making Projects Critical, Stockholm, 31 March – 1 April, 2008

Conceptualizing everyday entrepreneurship: The case of college students at the risk of dropping out (Jun 2007)
Karin Berglund, Erik Lindhult
International Small Business Conference

Conceptualizing Everyday Entrepreneurship: The case of college students at the risk of dropping out (Jun 2007)
Erik Lindhult, Karin Berglund
ICSB World Conference, Åbo, 13-15 june, 2007.

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