Jenny Höglund, Doctoral student

Jenny Höglund is a PhD student at IPR within the research field innovation and identity. Jenny has her own company, working as a process leader and business developer for entrepreneurs and inventors. She also has a small trading business helping inventors find providers in China. Through her entrepreneurial experiences she has had the opportunity to study how identity develops in startups, and she is currently developing a method to support that process through entrepreneurial participation in local study groups. Jenny has also studied how government funded business advice to inventors contributes to innovation.

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Latest publications:

Societal entrepreneurship education as driver in community transformation (Jul 2010)
Erik Lindhult, Jenny Höglund, Sven Hamrefors
XVII World Congress of the International Sociological Association, 11-17 July, Gothenburg, Sweden

Does advice to innovators contribute to innovation? (Jun 2009)
Erik Lindhult, Jenny Höglund
The XX ISPIM Conference

72 hours to innovation as creative democracy (Jun 2008)
Erik Lindhult, Jenny Höglund
The XIX ISPIM Conference – Open Innovation- Creating products and services through collaboration, Tours, 15-18 Juni, 2008