Ulrika Florin, Researcher, Senior Lecturer


Florin, U. (2016), I takt och otakt, bokkapitel i: Ann Sidén/Mamma Knota Coffee table book, tryckt med stöd från Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden, ISBN 978-91-637-9557-2.

Eriksson Y. & Florin, U. (2016), Visual art and engineering design visualizations – a cross-disciplinary project, 4S/EASST Barcelona 2016, Science & technology by other means: Exploring collectives, spaces and futures.

Sivard, G. F.; Eriksson Y.; Florin, U.; Sharitzdeh, N.; Lindberg, L. (2016), Cross-disciplinary Design Based on the Digital Factory as a Boundary Object, 26th CIRP Design Conference Procidia CIRP) pp. 565-570.


2017 –  The Vis’Man Project, Visual and spatial communication in management from users’ perspectives, granted by KKS. The project starts: march 2017 and have a duration 30 months.

2016  Toward a 21st Century Mathematics Curriculum Resource. Research and development of new teaching support, focus on the design of communication and artefacts, year 1-3 primary/elementary school. In collaboration with: MDH, M-TERM, Mälardalen Team of Educational Researchers in Mathematics. Funded by: Sparbanken Rekarne, Eskilstuna kommun and VR.

2015-2016 EIFactory (Engineering innovation factory). Digital factory for industry and educational purpose, with process plans, material flow and factory layout.Co-working partners: MDH, IDR, Information Design Research Group; KTH XPRES research team, AB Volvo, Volvo Car, Scania CV, Sandvik. Funded by: Vinnova.

2007 Sustainpack (Packaging Solutions Project 7). Artistic add-on in the development of the demonstrator, with nanotechnology in intelligent packaging solutions (so called printed electronics). Responsible for the incorporation of nanotechnology of the creative design. Assigned by Acreo (Professor Mats Robertsson), Karlstad University and Sustain Pack. Collaborating Universities: Alma Mater Studiorum; Universita di Bologna; Ecole Française de Papetiere et des Industries Graphiques; Helsinki University of Technology; Karlstad University; Royal Institute of Technology; Sheffield Hallam University; Slovak University of Technology; University of Agriculture of Szczecin; University of Aveiro; University Bordeaux; Universitat de Girona. Funded by: EU's 6th Framework Programme

2006- 2007 The Art Break Project (Project Konstpaus). Project manager for the project, and unit manager's position at the Town Planning Office in the Municipality of Strängnäs. Funded by: EU (ESF)

Research focus

Florins research focuses on sketches, models and other representations (analogue as well as digital), that are used as tools for communication. In her investigations Florin combines concepts from the field of visual communication with knowledge theories (derived from the area of practice-based research). Her research deals with technical, aesthetical and hands-on execution matters, in relation to the design and use of different artefacts, for communication.

In her research, she also made use of the idea that sketches and models can be understood as Boundary Objects. Qualities that can be put in use in collaborative explorations. Florin has put this concept in use both as a part of the analyse of different sketches when used in communication acts, but lately also as an explorative factor for collaboration in for instance complex planning of new factory-layouts and buildings.

Florin is also looking at how different dilemmas (traditions, ethics) that might occur when individuals, with various professional backgrounds meet in some kind of collaborative work. These two areas are often interrelated in different communication acts (planned or not), and important in different stages of innovation and design processes. In short, her research concerns:

-       in what way (manner, style, technique) sketches, models or other artefacts can/should be designed to support communication.

-       the interaction between individuals in collaborative settings where different types of artefacts are in use.