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This project is a part of the Stratregic Innovation Area (SIA) Production. The purpose of this project is to enhance innovation through both cross-divisional collaboration and virtual analysis. The goal is to establish a factory for producing knowledge - an Engineering innovation factory (EIFactory) where industry and academy can create and collaborate, supported by modeling, simulation and visualization during the innovation process. Managers, developers and operators from industry meet with customers, as well as researchers from the areas of XPRES: production of new materials, sustainable product life cycles and adaptive production. Master students contribute to the discussion with new, unexpected ideas and learn from the industrial partners. It is a meeting point for people from different perspectives in an environment which promotes communication and creativity. Visualization tools are used for explaining and investigating, modeling of product as well as production properties and virtual analysis is used for testing and elaborating ideas in more detail. 

The approach combines theories and methods concerning innovation with those of digital engineering and visualization, leaning on a process model which emphasizes aspects concerning learning, communication and collaboration.

By supporting the development of new products and production systems, this project will address the main drivers of the Production SIO programme: sustainable production with a minimal use of resources and zero waste production, and developing manufacturing systems using sustainable materials. With a focus on collaboration and virtual analysis in design and manufacturing, it addresses two of the SIO areas of strength for competitiveness in production and manufacturing industry through increased innovation: (3) Virtual production and simulation and (6) Innovative product development.

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