Karin Berglund, Senior Lecturer (not working at IDT anymore)

Karin Berglund , Ph D, is Senior Lecturer in innovation management at the department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business creation in Eskilstuna. She is a researcher within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship for sustainable development. Her thesis project was an ethnographic study of an EU project aimed at creating a diversity of entrepreneurship in a Swedish region. Besides being part of several interactive research projects and being affiliated to the Royal Institute of Technology, with support from the Swedish Research Council, Karin was awarded the Wallander scholarship in 2007 for three years of research. She is also part of a three year long research project about societal entrepreneurship. Before joining the university Karin worked as a controller in SMEs. She has a degree in Informatics and System science and has been involved in starting an IT company.

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Latest publications:

Entrepreneurship education in policy and practice (Dec 2012)
Carina Holmgren, Karin Berglund
Int. J. Entrepreneurial Venturing

Creativity for industrial renewal (Dec 2011)
Karin Berglund, Bengt Köping Olsson

A Narrative Approach Towards Understanding Innovation (Jun 2011)
Anders Wikström, Karin Berglund
Proceedings of 18th International Product Development Management Conference

Conceptualizing Everyday Entrepreneurship: A theoretical contribution to entrepreneuring (Dec 2010)
Karin Berglund, Erik Lindhult
Företagsekonomisk ämneskonferens 2010, 1-2 december, Växjö/Kalmar

Entrepreneurship Requires Resistance to be Mobilized. (Nov 2010)
Karin Berglund

A policy to unleash innovation: How can gender improve innovation and entrepreneurship policy?, (Oct 2010)
Karin Berglund, Jennie Granat Thorslund
Triple Helix VIII-International Conference on University, Industry and Government Linkages 20-22 October, 2010, Thematic workshop: Gendered structures in public innovation policies.

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