Patrick Denzler (not working at IDT anymore)

Patrick Denzler was a research assistant at Mälardalen University in Innovation, Design and Engineering. In 2018 he got a PhD position at the faculty of informatics at TU-Vienna and continued his research in digitalisation and computer science in the Institute of Computer Engineering.

Patrick received an M.Sc. in 2014 from Jönköping University in the area of Production Development and Management after completing his master thesis about creativity in the innovation process. He has got his Dipl.Ing.FH. in Mechatronics from the ZHAW School of Engineering in Switzerland (2007) with a major in control engineering, high power electronics, and embedded systems. Additionally, he is holding a Master of advanced studies in Business Administration (2011) from the ZHAW School of Management and Law in Switzerland.

He has been working for Huber+Suhner AG (Switzerland) as an application engineer in the Middle East region since 2007 and started 2009 as product manager a new product portfolio in the same company.