IPR vision

The shared vision of everyone involved in the Innovation and Product Realisa­tion (IPR) domain of Mälardalen University (MDH) is to contribute to sustainable future development and industrial re­newal by building on a holistic perspective that takes account of people, systems and global challenges in research and education. 

The vision is being actively realised by a multidisciplinary research and education community consisting of researchers, teachers and doctoral students with diverse, synergistic scientific and pedagogical skills in the engine­ering sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts. This synergistic mixture of academic skills and practical knowledge enriches the research and education en­vironment and boosts IPR’s ability to carry out research and education in co-production with industry and the surrounding community. 

During the period 2017–2022 IPR will be concentrating on developing academic excellence, co-production and internationalisation, recognizing that these are strongly interlinked elements that are essential for realising and strengthening IPR’s research environment and holistic vision.