Value-Driven Innovation and Foresight


The Value-driven Innovation and Foresight group are based on how innovation is expressed from a value-creating service perspective. Groups' creativity, foresight as an innovation tool, broad involvement and inclusion in development processes, and democratization of innovation are central common focus areas. Preconditions for the understanding future needs are also included in the group's work, which makes open foresight together with the development of future business models into important areas. The group explores and applies Responsible research and Innovation (RRI), action research, and knowledge in collaboration.

The research group consists of researchers and teachers at MDH and researchers and practicioners from other organisations. The research group holds one seminar a month from January to May, and from September to December.  A few examples of seminar headings from 2020 and spring 2021 are: 

  • Seminar on two resent service logic articles.
  • Individual Responses to Misappropriation Tensions: Direct and Indirect
    Approaches in Open Innovation Settings, by Ioana Stefan et al
  • Social innovation as stretching and focusing.
  • ISPIM Special interest group AI & Innovation Management.

Bengt Köping Olsson, Senior Lecturer

Room: L3114
Phone: +46 (0)16 155158