Yvonne Eriksson, Professor

Yvonne Eriksson is Professor and holding the chair in Information Design and chair of the Information Design Research group.  She is the head of MDH Living Lab@IPR, in which the research environment Innovation and Product Realisation (IPR) and the undergraduate education develop method for co-creation between academia and external organizations.

The main interest for her research is communication between individuals and groups in complex organizations and how language and culture affect the communication. Focus for her research is visual communication and visual management. Her primary interest is the relation the perceptual and cognitive processes that are involved in interpretation of visuals and build milieus and its relation to cultural context and heritage. Yvonne Eriksson has initiated and lead research in inclusive design, how gender is constructed in visuals (visual art, advertisement, textbooks and teaching material. She has written several books about gender, art and visual communication. Over the year´s she has been running projects concerning pictures role in different contexts such as textbooks for education, storybooks for children and education of children with visual impairment. During the last year´s Yvonne Eriksson has initiated and been involved in research project that takes place in an industrial context, with focus on visual communication for a global market. That involves communication strategies; visual management; assembly instructions and pictures based manuals.

Yvonne Eriksson has her PH.D. education form Tema Kommunikation at Linköping University and she received a Ph.D. in Art History at Göteborg University 1998. She has been working at the Department of Art History and Visual Studies at Göteborg University, Växjö University and at the Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille.

Selection of Working Experience

2009  -            Professor and chair of Information Design, School of Innovation and research director of Innovation and Product Realisation, IPR, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University.

2013 - 2016   Visting Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, since 2013

2007 - 2009   Senior lecturer in Information Design, Design, School of Innovation, Design      and Engineering, Mälardalen University

2006 - 2007   Senior Lecturer, Department of Art History and Visual Studies, Göteborg University, Sweden

2003 - 2006  Assistant Professor, Department of Art History and Visual Studies, Göteborg University, Sweden 

2003              Guest Researcher, Department of Cognitive Psychology, Stanford University, USA

2000 - 2001  Developed undergraduate courses in Art history and Visual Studies and Design Theory at Växjö University, Sweden (now Linné University)

2001 - 2002 Senior Lecturer, and scientific head for visual studies division at Department for Pedagogic, Växjö University, Sweden (now Linné University)

1995 - 2002 Research and development officer at the Swedish Library for Talking Books     and Braille with special focus on international collaborations.

Selection of Merits

2017 -            Vice Dean of the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering

2016 -            Chair of Riksbankens Jubileumsfonds (RJ) postdoctoral program Flexit

2010 - 2016   Member of Riksbankens Jubileumsfonds (RJ) working committee

2010 - 2013   Vice Dean of the Faculty Board with specific responsibility for research and PhD education, MDH

2011 -             Member of the drafting committee of Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg’s Minnesfond.

2004 - 2007    President and head editor of the Art Magazine Paletten.

2000 - 2007    Board member of the board for Department of Art History and Visual Studies, Göteborg University

Mebember of Advisory Board and committe

Advisory Board of the research environment Knowledge Intensive ProductRealisation, KIPR, Jönköping University

Advisory Board of research environment GeoMedia, Karlstad university

Scientific council of the Swedish Authority for Accessible Media

Faculty Board of Dalarna University.Steering committee of the Swedish network for workplace related research and development.

Ongoing research projects

VISTA - Visualizing Science and Technology Across Culture

Visual and spatial communication in management from users’ perspectives - Vis´Man

Information Graphics and Visual Studies


PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Jonatan Lundin
Karin Axelsson
Matilda Bölling
Pelle Eriksson
Thorbjörn Swenberg

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Fredrik Ore