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Journal article (3)

Managing the core plant role – key prerequisites from an operations perspective. (Apr 2019)
Jessica Bruch, Carin Rösiö, Anna Granlund, Peter E Johansson
International Journal of Manufacturing Research (IJMR)

Lead factory operationalisation and challenges (Apr 2019)
Anna Granlund, Carin Rösiö, Jessica Bruch, Peter E Johansson
Production planning and control (PPC)

Industrial Production System Design: Process, Challenges, and Tactics (Dec 2017)
Carin Rösiö, Jessica Bruch
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (JMTM)

Conference/Workshop Paper (4)

Critical interfaces for managing international manufacturing networks – A literature review (Jun 2019)
Viktoria Badasjane , Jessica Bruch, Peter E Johansson, Koteshwar Chirumalla
26 th EurOMA Conference (EurOMA)

Exploring the integration process of new practices for knowledge sharing (Jun 2019)
Peter E Johansson, Jessica Bruch, Viktoria Badasjane , Anna Granlund, Carin Rösiö
26 th EurOMA Conference (EurOMA)

Towards core plant excellence - Prerequisites and challenges with the core plant role (Oct 2016)
Gautam Nanda , John-Pierre Yalman , Carin Rösiö, Jessica Bruch, Peter E Johansson, Anna Granlund
Swedish Production Symposium 2016 (SPS 2016)

Core plant capabilities for competitive production development - a literature review (Jun 2016)
Jessica Bruch, Anna Granlund, Peter E Johansson, Carin Rösiö
23rd EurOMA conference (EUROMA 2016)

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