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Licentiate Thesis (1)

Innovation groups: Before innovation work is begun (Feb 2013)
Mikael Johnsson

Conference/Workshop Paper (5)

Untapped Innovation Capacity within Ordinary Employees Work-activities (Dec 2011)
Mikael Johnsson

Existence of negative innovation-gaps affecting innovation performance in two Swedish SMEs. (Jun 2011)
Mikael Johnsson, Helena Blackbright

External Innovation Driver (EID) – a Developing and Organization Learning Service in Innovation Management. Three cases where an EID develop and learn SMEs innovation management (Jun 2011)
Mikael Johnsson, Helena Blackbright

Interview Supported Innovation Audit: how does a complementary interview affect the understanding of an innovation audits results when the interview is based on the audit statements. (Dec 2010)
Helena Blackbright, Mikael Johnsson, Tomas Backström

Innovation Advising in practice: Four cases where the RAFT model has been used in environmental innovations, and how twenty-one STPs offers Innovation Advising. (May 2010)
Mikael Johnsson, Sten Ekman, Thomas Karlsson , Magnus Wiktorsson
XXVII IASP World Conference on Science and Technology Parks, 2010

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