Nina Bozic Yams, Doctoral student

Nina Bozic Yams is a PhD student at Mälardalen University in the field of innovation. She graduated in marketing and communications at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She later worked as communications responsible at the publishing house Sanje, as a management consultant at Deloitte and director of CEED Slovenia (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development). Later on she worked as an independent consultant in the fields of entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and leadership. Since she has moved to Sweden end of 2009 she has continued to work as an independent consultant in innovation, coordinating EU project Innohubs for Nacka Municipality, teaching Creative Leadership at Stockholm School for Entrepreneurship and doing various projects in collaboration with innovation consulting company KREO. In 2010 she started to collaborate with Mälardalen University in the research project Kaikaku in production which resulted in starting a PhD in September 2011. 

Nina Bozic Yams researches about how we can enable innovation in organizations and develop innovation competence on individual, group and organizational level. Her specific niche is to explore how principles, knowledge and tools from creative processes of performing artists can be used to enable organizational innovation.