Anna-Lena Carlsson, Researcher, Senior Lecturer

Anna-Lena Carlsson is a senior lecturer and reseracher in Information Design, at IPR, IDT, Mälardalen University. She received her PhD in Aesthetic at Uppsala University 2005 and held a post doc, financed from NOS-H 2006. She teaches courses in, for example, Design and Aesthetics, Science and Design, and Scientific Writing. She has written/co-written papers/book chapters on design and aesthetics; Nietzsche and aesthetics; Creative Destruction; the poetics of workplaces; aesthetic and poietic elements in information design; artistic visualisations in manufactory industry;  and images and sketching. She has been on the Board of Nordic Society of Aesthetics 2008-14 and has been a member in the management team for the research school Innofacture at IPR between 2012-17 and did follow-up reserach on writing processes i PhD education since 2012-17. She is currently on the subcommittee on reserach at MDH. She is a supervisor for a PhD student. 

Technical Communication: Language, Lean, and Assembly Manuals. 2013-07-01--2015-06-30.

Follow-up research at Research School Innofacture, IPR, Mälardalen University. 2012 - 2017.

Language in Use - Understanding, and Reading Technical and Interactive Texts from an Easy-to-Read Perspective. 2012-03-01--2012-06-31.

Other interests: Aesthetics and Poietics in Information Design; Design Processes; Design and Innovation, Language Theories

PhD students supervised as assistant supervisor:

Carina Sjödin
Natalia Svensson Harari