Sven Hamrefors, Professor

Sven Hamrefors has 20 years of experience from entrepreneurship, business creation and information services. His experiences are from 5 start-up companies of his own and development projects in various organizations, such as UC, SEB and Esselte. He received his PhD at Stockholm School of Economics 1999 and was initiating the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in 1996. Since 2007 Sven is a professor in innovation science and management at MDH.

My dissertation was about spontaneous environmental scanning. Since 2003 I have been conducting a major research project, in cooperation with the Swedish PR Association and a consortium of 18 companies. This project has produced knowledge how communication can enable organisational effectiveness, All reports from the project is available, for free, at Presently I am pursuing research focused on how communication may enable organisational innovation.

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Camilla Dahlin Andersson