Embedding innovation-oriented work within lean-production systems



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A KKS-Prospect project.

The aim of the project is to explore the possibilities of increasing the prerequisites for innovation-oriented work as a part of lean-production, and further, support the industrial partners’ innovation capabilities as part of respectively lean production-system.

Three research questions are addressed:

  • RQ1: What kind of inhibitors arises when integrating innovative solutions (“new rooms” for innovation) in a lean production system, and, how are these inhibitors handled in the participating units?

    RQ2: To what extent and in what ways are there synergies between lean-oriented work and innovation-oriented work within a lean production system?

  • RQ3: What kind of tools (or models) can be used in lean-production units to successfully identify, develop and integrate innovative solutions (“new rooms” for innovation) in the product system?

Alfa Laval Industrial
Eskilstuna Elektronikpartner AB Industrial

Peter E Johansson, Associate Professor,Senior Lecturer

Email: peter.e.johansson@mdh.se
Room: L401
Phone: +46 (0)16 153708