Åsa Öberg (not working at IDT anymore)

Åsa Öberg is a PhD student within Innovation management with a special interest in design. She has a M. Sc in International marketing with a French specialization (1999), from Mälardalens Högskola and Ecole Superiure de Commerce de Toulon, France. Before starting as a PhD (2009) she has been working with graphic design and marketing at Volvo Construction Equipment, Proffice and Chantelle. She has also been working with project management in packaging design at SVID, the Swedish Industrial design foundation. Currently she explores the radical types of innovation in technology intense companies, especially the innovation that stems from a change in meaningfullness. This brings a philosofical angle to the innovation research field. Åsa is a memeber of the PhD council at Mdh.

The research project is based on understanding the dynamics behind radical innovations in technolgoy intense companies. The focus is not on the process for improving technology and neither to connect to marketing related issues of innovation. Rather the research wants to understand the design dimension of innovation in these large organizations. Is there any ”designerly” thinking and what forms does it take? By understanding the practices that lead towards radical new products the research hopes to deliver a model to support the strategy for radical innovations. So far, research indicates design influenced activities also in other fields than the expected ones.