Thorbjörn Swenberg, Doctoral student

Thorbjörn Swenberg is currently Lecturer in Image Production at Dalarna University in parallell with his PhD studies at Mälardalen Univ. Swenberg was a Video Editor, as well as a News Cameraman, at Swedish national Public Service Television for eight years. Then he graduated in Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University before starting teaching Image Production at Dalarna University. He has also headed the educational programmes in Design of Digital Media and Creative Lighting Design for Stage and Event, and has been Head of Studies in Image Production at Dalarna University.

Thorbjörn Swenbergs main focus in his PhD research is creative assessments in professional Moving Image Postproduction. This is split on three different projects: (1) Visual Intention in Moving Image Editing; (2) New Design Processes in Moving Image Production; and (3) Decisive Moments in Moving Image Production.