Mikael Hedelind, Project Manager

Applied industrial robot automation

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Latest publications:

Structural synthesis of 3DOF Articulated Manipulators based on Kinematic Evaluation (Mar 2014)
Bhanoday Reddy Vemula, Giacomo Spampinato , Mikael Hedelind, Xiaolong Feng , Torgny Brogårdh
16th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR 2013 )

How to Improve the Use of Industrial Robots in Lean Manufacturing Systems (Aug 2011)
Mikael Hedelind, Mats Jackson
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Lean Automation: Requirements and Solutions for Efficient use of Robot Automation in the Swedish Manufacturing Industry (Aug 2011)
Mats Jackson, Mikael Hedelind, Erik Hellström, Anna Granlund, Niklas Friedler
International Journal of Engineering Research & Innovation

Requirements on Flexible Robot Systems for Small Parts Assembly - A Case Study (May 2011)
Mikael Hedelind, Sönke Kock
IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing

A Robot Concept for Scalable, Flexible Assembly Automation (May 2011)
Sönke Kock , Timothy Vittor , Björn Matthias , Henrik Jerregård , Mats Källman , Ivan Lundberg , Roger Mellander , Mikael Hedelind
IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing

Robot Automation in a Lean Manufacturing System (Nov 2009)
Mats Jackson, Mikael Hedelind, Erik Hellström
Proceedings of CARV International Conference on Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual Production