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Artificial Intelligence Methods for Optimization of the Software Testing Process With Practical Examples and Exercises (Jul 2022)
Sahar Tahvili, Leo Hatvani

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Artificial Intelligence Techniques in System Testing (Jul 2023)
Michael Felderer , Eduard Paul Enoiu, Sahar Tahvili
Optimising the Software Development Process with Artificial Intelligence (Springer)

Conference/Workshop Paper (4)

Adopting a Digital Twin Framework for Autonomous Machine Operation at Construction Sites (Oct 2023)
Philip Wickberg, Anas Fattouh, Sara Afshar, Markus Bohlin
The 7th CAA International Conference on Vehicular Control and Intelligence (CVCI 2023)

Mapping simulation optimization requirements for construction sites: A study in the heavy-duty vehicles industry (Oct 2023)
Abdulkarim Habbab, Anas Fattouh, Bobbie Frank , Koteshwar Chirumalla, Markus Bohlin
64th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society (SIMS 2023)

Time Series Anomaly Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks in the Manufacturing Process (May 2023)
Cristina Landin, Jie Liu , Sahar Tahvili
The 5th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing (AITEST 2023) (AITest 2023)

Dynamic Maps Requirements for Autonomous Navigation on Construction Sites (Dec 2022)
Philip Wickberg, Anas Fattouh, Sara Afshar, Johan Sjöberg , Markus Bohlin
The 5th International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and their Applications (ICCSPA’22)

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