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Licentiate Thesis (1)

Material efficiency management in manufacturing (Sep 2015)
Sasha Shahbazi

Book chapter (1)

Using the Green Performance Map: towards material efficiency measurement (May 2018)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Martin Kurdve

Journal article (5)

Material efficiency measurements in manufacturing: Swedish case studies (Jan 2018)
Sasha Shahbazi, Christina Jönsson , Martin Kurdve, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Magnus Wiktorsson
Journal of Cleaner Production (IJCLEPRO)

Condition-based maintenance effectiveness from material efficiency perspective (May 2017)
Ali Rastegari, Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Bengtsson
International Journal of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (IJ'COMADEM)

Management of environmentally driven change projects (Sep 2016)
Anna Sannö, Sasha Shahbazi, Carin Ström , Mats Deleryd, Anders Fundin
International Journal of Sustainable Economy (IJSE)

Material efficiency in manufacturing: Swedish evidence on potential, barriers and strategies (Apr 2016)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Martin Kurdve, Christina Jönsson , Marcus Bjelkemyr
Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLP127)

Waste flow mapping to improve sustainability of waste management: a case study approach (Jul 2015)
Martin Kurdve, Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Wendin , Cecilia Bengtsson , Magnus Wiktorsson
International Journal of Cleaner Production (IJCLEPRO)

Conference/Workshop Paper (13)

Improve material efficiency through an assessment and mapping tool (Jun 2017)
Sasha Shahbazi, Pernilla Amprazis
The International Sustainable Development Research Society 2017 (ISDRS2017)

Sustainability Performance Indicators at Shop Floor Level in Large Manufacturing Companies (Mar 2017)
Mats Zackrisson , Martin Kurdve, Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Mats Winroth , Anna Landström , Peter Almström , Carin Andersson , Christina Windmark , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Andreas Myrelid
24th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (CIRPLCE17)

Empirical investigation of manufacturing industry, in Procedia Manufacturing
Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve, Magnus Wiktorsson, Mohammed Salloum
14th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing - CIRP (GCSM2016)

Present state analysis of business performance measurement systems in large manufacturing companies (Jun 2016)
Anna Landström , Carin Andersson , Christina Windmark , Peter Almström , Mats Winroth , Magnus Wiktorsson, Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve, Mats Zackrisson , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Andreas Myrelid
PMA Conference 2016 (PMA2016)

Using the Green Performance Map: towards the next step in material efficiency measurement (Jun 2016)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson
23rd EurOMA conference (EUROMA 2016)

Individuals’ Perception of Which Materials are Most Important to Recycle
Marcus Bjelkemyr, Sasha Shahbazi, Christina Jönsson , Magnus Wiktorsson
Advances in Production Management Systems 2015 (APMS15)

Critical Factors in Designing of Lean and Green Equipment (Sep 2014)
Zahra Mohammadi, Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve
The Annual Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium 2014 (ICM2014)

Material efficiency in manufacturing (Sep 2014)
Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve
Swedish Production Symposium 2014 (SPS 2014)

A foresight study on future trends influencing material consumption and waste generation in production (May 2014)
Sasha Shahbazi, Carina Sjödin, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Magnus Wiktorsson
24th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2014)

The effect of environmental and economic perception on industrial waste management (Mar 2014)
Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Christina Jönsson , Magnus Wiktorsson
1st International EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum (EurOMA SOSCF)

Industrial waste management within manufacturing: a comparative study of tools, policies, visions and concepts (Sep 2013)
Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Christina Jönsson , Magnus Wiktorsson
International Conference on Manufacturing Research 2013 (ICMR2013)

Supply chain risks: an automotive case study (Sep 2013)
Sasha Shahbazi, Ali Delkhosh , Poorya Ghassemi , Magnus Wiktorsson
International Conference on Manufacturing Research 2013 (ICMR2013)

Supporting production system development through the Obeya concept (Sep 2012)
Siavash Javadi, Sasha Shahbazi, Mats Jackson
Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS2012)

Report (2)

Sustainable and Resource Efficient Business Performance Measurement Systems – The Handbook (Oct 2017)
Peter Almström , Carin Andersson , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Peter Hammersberg , Martin Kurdve, Anna Landström , Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Christina Windmark , Mats Winroth , Mats Zackrisson

Waste Flow Mapping - the handbook (Oct 2017)
Martin Kurdve, Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Wendin , Cecilia Bengtsson , Pernilla Amprazis , Magnus Wiktorsson

Article, review (1)

Comparison of green lean tools: A Swedish case study
Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve, Christina Jönsson , Mats Zackrisson , Anna Runa Kristinsdottir
Journal of Cleaner Production (IJCLEPRO)

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