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Book chapter (1)

Using the Green Performance Map: towards material efficiency measurement (May 2018)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Martin Kurdve

Journal article (3)

Lean and green integration in production systems in Sweden - barriers, incentives and opportunities (Dec 2014)
Martin Kurdve, Mats Zackrisson , Magnus Wiktorsson, Ulrika Harlin
International Journal of Cleaner Production (IJCLEPRO)

Quality assurance of information in performance measurement systems (May 2012)
Mattias Elg , Anders Fundin
International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management (IJPQM)

Service transition: Finding the right position on the goods-to-services continuum (Jan 2012)
Anders Fundin, Lars Witell , Heiko Gebauer
International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management (IJMOP)

Conference/Workshop Paper (4)

Design for green lean building module production - Case study (Jul 2018)
Martin Kurdve, Jutta Hildenbrand , Christina Jönsson
Swedish Production Symposium 2018 (SPS 2018)

Development of the urban and industrial symbiosis in western Mälardalen (Jul 2018)
Martin Kurdve, Christina Jönsson , Ann-Sofie Granzell
Procedia CIRP IPS2 2018 (CIRP IPS2)

Digital assembly instruction system design with green lean perspective-Case study from building module industry (Jun 2018)
Martin Kurdve
Smart Manufacturing (CIRP CMS)

PAR experience from production innovation in Mälardalen (Jan 2018)
Martin Kurdve, Anna Bird, Svante Sundqvist
Participatory Innovation Conference 2018 (PIN-C 2018)

Report (4)

Waste Flow Mapping - the handbook (Oct 2017)
Martin Kurdve, Sasha Shahbazi, Marcus Wendin , Cecilia Bengtsson , Pernilla Amprazis , Magnus Wiktorsson

Annual Report 2012 Innovation and Product Realisation (Sep 2013)
Malin Rosqvist

Annual Report 2011 Innovation and Product Realisation (Jun 2012)
Malin Rosqvist

Annual Report 2010 Scool of Innovation, Design and Engineering (Jun 2011)
Malin Rosqvist

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