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Already there? Cultivating emergent places for radical innovation in operations (Jun 2017)
Jennie Andersson Schaeffer
International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, Innovative Quality Improvement in Operations - Introducing Emergent Quality Management (IQIO)

Conference/Workshop Paper (3)

Design for green lean building module production - Case study (Jul 2018)
Martin Kurdve, Jutta Hildenbrand , Christina Jönsson
Swedish Production Symposium 2018 (SPS 2018)

Development of the urban and industrial symbiosis in western Mälardalen (Jul 2018)
Martin Kurdve, Christina Jönsson , Ann-Sofie Granzell
Procedia CIRP IPS2 2018 (CIRP IPS2)

Digital assembly instruction system design with green lean perspective-Case study from building module industry (Jun 2018)
Martin Kurdve
Smart Manufacturing (CIRP CMS)

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