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Swedish industrial production is currently undergoing a fundamental technological shift stemming from industry-wide digitalization of products, services and production processes. From a technological perspective, the core of the ongoing shift is the broad digitalization and connectiveness of industry through the development and widespread deployment of new technological areas such as artificial intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things. Although likely of a transient nature, the Covid-19 epidemy of 2020 have accelerated this shift. The term "IndTech" refers to modern digitalization solutions in industry, using core technologies from IoT, machine learning and optimization. Deployment using accessible devices (such as smartphones) while still considering past investments and experiences, industrial requirements integration with existing production systems and IT infrastructure provides fundamental challenges for the manufacturing industry of tomorrow . This distinguishes IndTech from consumer technology, and puts a strong emphasis on production and manufacturing know-how as well as industrial requirements for security and availability, while providing the simplicity and ease-of-use as is available today in the consumer market.

The deployment of such transformative industrial digital technologies in manufacturing and process industries is the core focus of the INDTECH industrial graduate school. Today, IndTech solutions marketed by international manufacturing companies based in Sweden are world-leading, and the area is therefore strategically important on a national level. Furthermore, the potential of the IndTech area is huge with productivity increases up to 30%. However, according to the World Economic Forum, at least half of all employees in industry are in need of upskilling and reskilling to be able to use the potential of digitalization, and already in 2022 it is predicted that 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs will change. This strong need has furthermore also been expressed by the participating 14 industrial partners and have formed the core content and plan for the graduate school. In the rest of the document, we use the term INDTECH for the planned industrial graduate school.

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Markus Bohlin, Docent,Professor

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