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The Nordic network of participatory theatre research will organise three workshops that invite senior and junior researchers, professional actors, service designers and public sector partners in exploring the design of public services.
Participatory Theatre I: Emergent designs. 6.–8. February, 2017 in University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, Denmark.
Participatory Theatre II: Wordless expressions. 4.–6. October, 2017 in Bergen University College, Norway.
Participatory Theatre III: Reflexivity in organisations. 11.–13. June, 2018 in Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lahti, Finland.
Additionally we bring the partners together in a special track at the Participatory Innovation Conference (PIN-C) in Umeå, Sweden in May 2017 to explore how applied theatre methods can help investigate
barriers to citizen participation (funded by other sources).
For each of the workshops the host will select a current case of public service design to demonstrate their particular theatre approach. This will serve as empirical grounding for theory discussions and theatrical experiments. The theatre and design practitioners will bring their own cases to establish contrasts and similarities. Each host will also include an example of how they engage students in education activities to share repertoire of teaching methods. Video documentation will be made available to the participants for analysis and paper co-authoring between workshops. We will aim at completing a Horizon 2020 application in 2018

Tomas Backström, Professor

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