Jonatan Lundin, Doctoral student

Jonatan Lundin is a part time industrial PhD student within Innovation and Design. He earned his MA degree from Linköping University in 2006. Jonatan has more than 20 years of experience from the technical communication field, working as a technical communicator for large global companies. Jonatan is currently employed as a senior information architect at Excosoft in Sweden. In recent years he has focused on findability aspects of technical communication and especially information-seeking behaviors, information-search behaviors and user search performance and how to organize content and visualize search interfaces to enable efficient retrieval of technical information.

Jonatans research takes both a descriptive and normative approach. The descriptive approach aims at describing and explaining information-seeking behaviors among professional practitioners of industrial products. The normative approach aims at prescribe design processes and methods to help technical communicators reflect on how to design usable and findable technical documentation. Jonatan uses theories and models from various research fields such as library and information science, but his research will contribute with new knowledge to the technical communication research field.