Farzaneh Ahmadzadeh (not working at IDT anymore)

Farzaneh Ahmadzadeh join to division of product realisation as Post doc researcher and lecturer. She held a post doc from LTU in division of operation and maintenance engineering. Her research finding on ‘predicting the remaining useful life of machineries in mining industry’ was considered as ‘promising (in terms of cost controls)’ by LTU’s official ‘News and Media’, and also widely acclaimed by the academicians and the project’s industrial collaborators. She recieved her Msc(2002) and Phd(2008) in Industrial engineering, and her Bsc(1997) in Mathematic(Applied in computer) from Tehran University. Farzaneh has been assistant professor for more than seven years with the Industrial Engineering Department, Azad University in Iran. Her career as a ‘researcher’ was further consolidated, as she was teaching both master’s and Ph.D. students and supervising their research projects.

Farzaneh's professional and academic research interests include Quality control and management, Process ( Monitoring, Control , Analysis, Modelling and System Identification, Optimization, Troubleshooting and Improvement), Operations research and management, Probability analysis, Time series analysis, Multivariate Statistical Data Analysis,, Meta-Heuristic algorithms (Artificial Neural Network, Particle swarm), Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Manufacturing Engineering, Reliability and maintenance analysis. Results of her research have been published in international journals, and proceedin of conferences.

Recently, she has involved in different research projects, like "Reducing maintenance related waste" and "Capturing weak signals in foresight innovation".

Currently, she is researching on different methodolgy within the area of "Multi criteria decision making".