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Journal article (1)

Lean Automation: Requirements and Solutions for Efficient use of Robot Automation in the Swedish Manufacturing Industry (Aug 2011)
Mats Jackson, Mikael Hedelind, Erik Hellström, Anna Granlund, Niklas Friedler
International Journal of Engineering Research & Innovation Vol. 3 No. 2 (IJERI 3/2)

Conference/Workshop Paper (6)

Defining 'benefit' when making production investments - an inquiry of current standards (Sep 2014)
Sten Grahn, Anna Granlund, Magnus Wiktorsson, Niklas Friedler
Swedish Production Symposium 2014 (SPS 2014)

Lean automation development: applying lean principles to the automation development process (Jun 2014)
Anna Granlund, Magnus Wiktorsson, Sten Grahn, Niklas Friedler
The 21st EurOMA Conference (EurOMA 2014)

The automation equipment acquisition process – experienced users’ perspective (Jul 2013)
Niklas Friedler, Antti Salonen, Christer Johansson
22nd International Conference on Production Research (ICPR22)

The concept of Lean Automation - a pilot installation (Nov 2012)
Anna Granlund, Niklas Friedler, Mats Jackson, Erik Hellström, Linda Carnbo
Swedish Production Symposium 2012 (SPS 2012)

A model for the formulation of an automation strategy (Jul 2012)
Anna Granlund, Niklas Friedler
4th World Conference P&OM/19th EUROMA Conference

Defining the automation equipment acquisition process – from a system supplier’s perspective (Jun 2012)
Niklas Friedler, Anna Granlund
The 22nd International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing

Report (1)

Lean Automationsutveckling - Handbok (Apr 2016)
Anna Granlund, Magnus Wiktorsson, Niklas Friedler, Sten Grahn

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