Automated Software language and SOftware engineering


The ASSO research group focuses on automating the engineering of software (programming/modelling) languages and software by applying advanced computation and data manipulation.

The group pursues long-lasting research on the application of advanced computation and data manipulation to automate, systematize and make more flexible the engineering of software languages and software to increase software quality and productivity of software engineers. The key methodology is Model-Driven Engineering.

The distinctive focus of the ASSO group is multi-fold and includes: engineering of domain-specific languages (DSLs) and modelling languages (DSMLs), automated and seamless support for blended multi-notation editing of programs and models, innovative multi-step transpilation and compilation techniques for automatic generation of executable software from DS(M)Ls based on program and model transformation, software language and software engineering for robotics and the Internet-of-Things.

ASSO is a dynamic group with a variegated set of skills and knowledge in software language and software engineering, as well as theoretical computer science, with a common denominator being automatization of engineering phases. The group has a strong network of internal and external collaborations (both nationally and internationally).

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Towards Compact Surface Languages for Specific Modelling Aspects in EAST-ADL (Jun 2024)
Imad Berrouyne, Alessio Bucaioni, Federico Ciccozzi, Henrik Lönn
12th Embedded Real-Time Systems Congress (ERTS2024)

Combining model-based development and formal verification of a complex ROS2 multi-robots system using Timed Rebeca (Jun 2024)
Hiep Hong Trinh, Marjan Sirjani, Fereidoun Moradi, Antonio Cicchetti, Federico Ciccozzi
International Workshop on Reliability Engineering Methods for Autonomous Robots – REMARO 2024 (REMARO2024)

Towards Automating Model-Based Systems Engineering in Industry - An Experience Report (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Luca Berardinelli , Damir Bilic, Hugo Bruneliere , Antonio Cicchetti, MohammedHadi Dehghani , Claudio Di Sipio , James Miranda , Abbas Rahimi , Riccardo Rubei
The 18th Annual International Systems Conference (SysCon24)

Correlating Logical and Physical Models for Early Performance Validation - An Experience Report (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Marcel Gottschall , Jagadish Suryadevara, Khaled Alekeish
The 18th Annual International Systems Conference (SysCon24)

Towards Adopting a Digital Twin Framework (ISO 23247) for Battery Systems (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Enxhi Ferko, Emil Lundin
ITNG 2024: Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG 2024)

Experiences and Challenges from Developing Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry-Academia Collaboration (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Romina Eramo , Vittoriano Muttillo , Per Erik Strandberg
Wiley, Software: Practice and Experience (SPE)

Federico Ciccozzi, Associate Professor,Docent,Head of Research Education

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