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Doctoral Thesis (1)

Managing change in performance measures within a manufacturing context (2013)
Mohammed Salloum

Licentiate Thesis (1)

Towards dynamic performance measurement systems - A framework for manufacturing organisations (Jun 2011)
Mohammed Salloum

Journal article (3)

Explaining the Evolution of Performance Measures - A Dual Case-Study Approach (2013)
Mohammed Salloum
Journal of Engineering, Project and Production Management (EPPM)

Performance Measures in Lean Production Settings: A Case Study (Dec 2012)
Mohammed Salloum
Journal of Production Research & Management

Managing change in performance measures – An inter-company case study approach (2012)
Mohammed Salloum, Stefan Cedergren
Intenational journal of business science & applied management (IJBSAM)

Conference/Workshop Paper (12)

Empirical investigation of manufacturing industry, in Procedia Manufacturing
Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve, Magnus Wiktorsson, Mohammed Salloum
14th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing - CIRP (GCSM2016)

Performance measurement review practices – a dual perspective case study (Jun 2014)
Mohammed Salloum, Magnus Wiktorsson
The 21st EurOMA Conference (EurOMA 2014)

Performance measurement review practices – a dual perspective case study (Sep 2013)
Mohammed Salloum, Stefan Cedergren, Magnus Wiktorsson, Marcus Bengtsson
7th conference on performance measurement and management control (EIASM'13)

Performance measures in lean production settings - a case study (Nov 2012)
Mohammed Salloum
Swedish Production Symposium 2012

Measuring sustainability - an empirical investigation of deployed performance measures in manufacturing settings (Nov 2012)
Mohammed Salloum, Michael Lieder
Swedish Production Symposium 2012

The evolution of a performance measurement system: an empirical investigation of a manufacturing organisation (Jul 2012)
Mohammed Salloum, Stefan Cedergren
PMA Conference 2012

Managing change in Performance Measurement: a case study (Jun 2012)
Mohammed Salloum
19th EurOMA Conference

Dynamic abilities in performance measurement system: a case study on practice and strategies (Jul 2011)
Mohammed Salloum, Magnus Wiktorsson
EurOMA 2011

Realising dynamic abilities in a measurement system – A participatory case study (May 2011)
Mohammed Salloum, Marcus Bengtsson, Magnus Wiktorsson, Christer Johansson
Swedish Production Symposium 11

In search for improved decision making on manufacturing footprint: A conceptual model for information handling (May 2011)
Jessica Bruch, Magnus Wiktorsson, Monica Bellgran, Mohammed Salloum
4th Swedish Production Symposium, SPS11

Aligning Dynamic Performance Measures (Oct 2010)
Mohammed Salloum, Magnus Wiktorsson, Marcus Bengtsson, Christer Johansson
ECMLG 2010. 6th European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance

From Metrics to Process: Towards a Dynamic and Flexible Performance (Dec 2009)
Mohammed Salloum, Magnus Wiktorsson
Swedish Production Symposium 09

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