Division of Computer Science and Software Engineering


The mission of the CSE Division is to provide education and research in all relevant aspects of Computer Science and Software Engineering for industrial and embedded systems. To establish world class education and research in this utterly complex area extensive collaboration with industry is required. The goal is to strengthen and secure the Computer Science and Software Engineering part of the education, and to provide scientifically well founded methods and theories for the application areas. Our research is directed to increase the knowledge of software engineering and in particular of industrial software engineering, real-time and embedded systems component-based software engineering, dependable systems, from both theoretical and practical points of view. The research results of the CSE is supposed to be used both at the university and in the industry. At the university, the accumulated knowledge is used for further education in order to prepare the students for new aspects in system development. The industry will benefit with direct implementation of methods and knowledge built up in the research activities and well educated students.

First NameLast NameTitle
Abu Naser Masud Senior Lecturer
Afshin Ameri E. Doctoral student,Lecturer
Aida Causevic Docent,Senior Lecturer
Alessio Bucaioni Associate Professor
Alfonso Pierantonio Visiting Professor
Antonio Cicchetti Associate Professor
Arnab Barua Doctoral student
Atiq Ur Rehman Post Doc
Ayhan Mehmed
Barbara Gallina Associate Professor
Björn Leander Industrial Doctoral Student
Björn Lisper Professor
Bran Selic
Caroline Uppsäll Lecturer
Christina Björkman Senior Lecturer
Daniel Sundmark Professor
Dinar Khowaja
Dino Mustefa Industrial Doctoral Student
Edward Lee Visiting Professor
Faiz Ul Muram Researcher
Farnaz Fotrousi Post Doc
Federico Ciccozzi Associate Professor,Docent,Head of Research Education
Fereidoun Moradi Doctoral student
Frank Lüders Senior Lecturer
Gabriele Capannini Senior Lecturer
Giorgio Forcina Doctoral student
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic Professor
Hamidur Rahman Researcher
Hans Hansson Professor
Heinz Schmidt Adjunct Professor
Henrik Jonsson Industrial Doctoral Student
Hiep Hong Trinh Doctoral student
Husni Khanfar Doctoral student
Iain Bate Visiting Professor
Ifrah Qaisar Doctoral student
Jagadish Suryadevara Consulting Senior Lecturer
Jakob Axelsson Professor
Jan Carlson Professor
Jean Malm Doctoral student
Johan Brown Project Assistant
Johan Cederbladh Doctoral student
Johan Sundell Industrial Doctoral Student
Joyce Martin Doctoral student
Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila Associated Senior Lecturer
Kaj Hänninen Senior Lecturer
Kristina Forsberg Adjunct Professor
Kristina Lundqvist Chairman of the MDU recruitment committee,Professor
Linus Källberg Associated Senior Lecturer
Lodiana Beqiri Doctoral student,Project Assistant
Lorenzo Addazi
Luciana Provenzano Senior Lecturer
Maghsood Salimi Doctoral student
Mahnaz Malekzadeh Doctoral student
Malin Rosqvist Research project manager
Malina Adach Doctoral student
Malvina Latifaj Doctoral student
Marina Gutiérrez Industrial Doctoral Student
Marjan Sirjani Professor
Marjorie Pettersson Doctoral student
Markus Bohlin Docent,Professor
Martin Skogevall Lecturer
Martin Skoglund Industrial Doctoral Student
Matthias Bergler Doctoral student
Md Alamgir Kabir Post Doc
Md Aquif Rahman
Md Rakibul Islam Doctoral student
Mehrdad Saadatmand Affiliated researcher
Mikael Ebrahimi Salari Doctoral student
Mir Riyanul Islam Post Doc
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed Professor
Mohammad Loni Affiliated researcher
Moses Mariajoseph
Muhammad Abbas Industrial Doctoral Student
Muhammad Atif Javed Researcher
Muhammad Waseem Anwar Post Doc
Nazakat Ali Postdoctoral research fellow
Nitin Desai Doctoral student
Nouri Baher
Omar Jaradat Researcher
Radu Dobrin Associate Professor,Head of Division,International Coordinator
Ramin Tavakoli Kolgari Professor
Rikard Lindell Associate Professor
Robbert Jongeling Associated Senior Lecturer
Sahar Tahvili Affiliated researcher
Sania Partovian Industrial Doctoral Student
Sara Abbaspour Associated Senior Lecturer
Sara Dersten Doctoral student
Sarmad Bashir Doctoral student,Industrial Doctoral Student
Sasikumar Punnekkat Professor
Scott Hissam Doctoral student
Shahina Begum Professor
Shaibal Barua Senior Lecturer
Shamoona Imtiaz Doctoral student
Sharmin Sultana Sheuly Doctoral student
Sirisha Bai Govardhan Rao Industrial Doctoral Student
Soheila Sheikh Bahaei Doctoral student
Stefan Bygde Lecturer
Stefan Cedergren Associated Senior Lecturer
Stefan Eck Process leader
Stefan Marksteiner Industrial Doctoral Student
Stephan Baumgart Industrial Doctoral Student
Tahira Salwa Rabbi Nishat Doctoral student
Tijana Markovic Postdoctoral research fellow
Tobias Holstein Doctoral student
Waleed Reafee Sbu Jmoona
Zahra Moezkarimi Post Doc,Postdoctoral research fellow
Zeinab Bakhshi Valojerdi Doctoral student
Zelalem Mihret Belay Post Doc
Zulqarnain Haider Research Assistant
Project TitleStatus
xApp: Explainable AI for Industrial Applications active
AIDOaRt - AI-augmented automation for efficient DevOps, a model-based framework for continuous development At RunTime in cyber-physical systems active
BRAINSAFEDRIVE: A Technology to detect Mental States During Drive for improving the Safety of the road active
CoDig - Continuous Digitalization active
CPMXai:Cognitive Predictive Maintenance and Quality Assurance using Explainable Ai and Machine Learning active
DAIS - Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems active
DAISY- Dependable Autonomous System of Systems active
Demand-Driven Slicing active
DIGICOGS:DIGital Twins for Industrial COGnitive Systems through Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence active
Digital Twins for Essential Services active
DPAC - Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control active
Efficient Safety in Complex Autonomous Production Environments - Concept Development active
Epistemological Issues in Computer Science Education fromGender Research Perspectives active
FitDrive: Monitoring devices for overall FITness of DRIVErs active
HeatTrack: Enhanced Reliability, Monitoring and Diagnostics of Complex Cooling Systems through Advanced Thermal Management active
IndTech Digitala Stambanan active
Information Retrieval in Embedded Systems for Audiovisual Artistic Processes active
InSecTT: Intelligent Secure Trustable Things active
Internet-of-things and Cloud for Smart Manufacturing active
MALPA:Machine Learning for the prevention of occupational accidents in the construction industry active
Mission and Capability Engineering for Systems-of-Systems active
Model-Based DevOps for Cyber-Physical System Product Lines active
Modeling and Analysis of Risks in Systems-of-Systems active
MONITOR: A Data-driven Intelligent MONITORring System to Improve Quality of Working Life active
Morphological Computing in Cognitive Systems active
ORPHEUS: systematic and reliable theory for model compilation active
PDF: Personalized, Dynamic and Flexible Educational Model for Industrial Professionals active
PICO - Philosophy of Information and Computing active
PREST:Predictive Strategy using Machine Learning for Smart Test Case Selection active
Projekt 1 active
PROMPT - Professional Master’s in Software Engineering (step II, phase B&C) active
RELIANT Industrial graduate school: Reliable, Safe and Secure Intelligent Autonomous Systems active
Safety Assurance in Continuous Deployment active
Serendipity - Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy active
Software Center active
Software Center: Managing Model Inconsistencies active
WCET - Worst-Case Execution Time analysis active
3D Graphics Simulation finished
A Canonical Model of the Primary Visual Cortex finished
A-CPS - Automation in High-performance Cyber Physical Systems Development finished
ABV - Enabling Architecture Based Verification and Validation of Mission-Critical Systems finished
ACICS - Assured Cloud Platforms for Industrial Cyber-physical Systems finished
Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution finished
ALL-TIMES finished
AMASS - Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems finished
APARTS - Advanced Program Analysis for Real-Time Systems finished
APICS - A Process for Efficient and Effective Integration of Component Based Software finished
ARROWS - Design Techniques for Adaptive Embedded Systems finished
ArtistDesign finished
ASIS - Architecture-based verification of software-intensive systems finished
ASSIST - Analysis and Synthesis of Industrial Software Systems finished
AUTOMAD:AUTOnomous Decision Making in Industry 4.0 using MAchine Learning and Data Analytics finished
AVANS - civilingenjörsprogrammet i tillförlitliga flyg- och rymdsystem finished
BALSOP - Business, Architecture, Organization, and Process: Balancing Software Product Development finished
BUMBLE - Blended Modelling for Enhanced Software and Systems Engineering finished
Business Oriented Concept Development of Electronic System Architecture and Platforms in Vehicles finished
CARTCOM - Monitoring and Probabilistic Analysis of Component-Based Embedded Control Systems finished
Closing the safety-security gap in software intensive systems finished
COMET - COMponent-based Embedded real-Time database system finished
COMING finished
ComposeIT finished
Computer Science Paradigms in Gender Research Perspective finished
ConCentric CRAFT - Creative Activities Framework -- Theory and practice of Content-Centric interaction Technology finished
Construction Factory finished
CONTESSE - Contract-Based Components for Embedded Software finished
DAGGERS - Data aggregation for embedded real-time database systems finished
Data Field Haskell finished
Devlopment of Software Intensive Systems in Complex Organizations finished
DICES - Distributed Component-based Embedded Software Systems finished
Dimensional Inference in Strongly Typed Modeling Languages. finished
DRIVE finished
eCraft2Learn - Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch finished
ECSS - Efficient Certification of functional Safety for Software systems finished
Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Plus finished
ESCAPE - Efficient and effective functional safety for complex autonomous production systems finished
ESTER finished
EURECA finished
Extract finished
FIA - Strategic research into safety and security for the automation industry finished
FIND - Flexibilitet i Industriella system finished
FLEXCON - flexibe controllers finished
FLEXI - Flexible Global Product Development and Integration finished
Food4Health: A Personalized System for Adaptive Mealtime Situations for Elderly finished
FORA - Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation finished
FuturE finished
Future factories in the Cloud finished
Gen&ReuseSafetyCases finished
Genetic Algorithm Theory finished
Global Constraints in Constraint Programming and Local Search finished
Haxcel finished
HELPING: Heterogeneous Platform Deployment Modelling of Embedded Systems finished
HERO: Heterogeneous systems - software-hardware integration finished
Hi5 - A Holistic and Improved Infrastructure for Increased Industrial Impact of research finished
High Level Languages for Hard and Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
HR R-peak detection quality index analysis finished
ImmerSafe - Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications finished
InCloud - Indstrial Systems Cloud Computing finished
Industrial Software Engineering finished
Into DeeP finished
INVIP: Indoor Navigation for Visual Impairment Persons using Computer Vision and Machine learning finished
ISE - Industrial Software Engineering finished
ITS-EASY Post Graduate School for Embedded Software and Systems finished
KISEK - Collaborative Internationalisation of Software Engineering in Croatia finished
KKS Adjungerad professur vid MDH - Avioniksystem finished
Linnaeus-Palme: Salvador Brazil finished
Linneaus-Palme: Osijek, Croatia finished
MACMa - Modeling and Analyzing Event-based Autonomous Systems - Software Center finished
MESSI - Methods for innovation development in software intensive systems finished
Methods for development of E/E-systemarchitectures in early phases finished
MINEStrA: Model Integration for Early Simulation and Analysis finished
MOMENTUM: analysis of models towards compilation to predictable embedded real-time and safety-critical applications finished
OPEN-SME Open-Source, Software Reuse, Service for SMEs finished
OpenController finished
ORION - Decision Support for Component-Based Software Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems finished
PANORAMA - Boosting Design Efficiency for Heterogeneous³ Systems finished
Parallel Execution of PLEX programs finished
Pasas- Analyzing the enterprise-, system-, and software architecture impact of stakeholders’ concerns for profitable industrial software systems finished
PG-CBD-IDE – Integration Development Environment finished
PG-CBD-Proc – Identification and specification of CB process finished
PG-CBD-StatA – Static Timing Analysis of Component-Based Systems finished
PG-CBD-Trans – Transformation of processes finished
PG-Demo-Evolution – Progress Component Models finished
PG-Dep-ET – Enabling Technologies for Evaluating/Ensuring Dependability finished
PG-Dep-FRAMES – Faults and Reliability Aware Methodologies for Efficient Scheduling finished
PG-Dep-PEARLS – Parameterized Evaluation of Attributes of Reliable Systems finished
PG-DEP-REMAP - Reliability Modeling and Analysis for Predictability Assurance finished
PG-Leg-Asis – Legacy Model Analysis finished
PG-Leg-Comp – Composition of legacy systems finished
PG-Leg-Extract – Model Extraction for Legacy Systems finished
ProPlat - Development and decisions processes finished
PSI - Product Data Management and Software Data Management Integration finished
Q-ImPreSS - Quality Impact Prediction for Evolving Service-oriented Software finished
RALF3 - Software for Embedded High Performance Architectures finished
Remodel finished
Response-time Calculations with Integer Linear Programming Methods finished
SACSys - Safe and Secure Adaptive Collaborative Systems finished
SafeCer - Safety Certification of Software-Intensive Systems with Reusable Components finished
SafeCOP - Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication finished
Safety-Critical Component-Based Systems finished
SAFSEC-CPS -- Securing the safety of autonomous cyber-physical systems finished
SALUTOGEN - Seniors’ Activity and quality of Life sUpported by Technology thrOugh deliGht, Engagement and iNterest finished
SARPA - Safe and Robust Platform for Automated Vehicles finished
SAVE finished
SAVE/AutoComp finished
SC: Evolution Support for Architectural Artefacts finished
SeCRA - Security Case Run-Time Adaptation finished
SIMMILAR: Systems-of-Systems for Intelligent Manufacturing Maintenance using Industry 4.0, Lean, AI Reasoning finished
SimuSafe : Simulator of Behavioural Aspects for Safer Transport finished
SISTER - Strengthening the IST Research Capacity of Sofia University finished
SMARTCore: Model-driven support for deployment optimization of embedded systems on multicore finished
SOFAR - Software Architecture Evolution finished
SoftIn - Introducing methods and tools for software development in small and medium-sized enterprises finished
SSpiia - Safety & Security in Process Industrial IT and Automation finished
Static Program Analysis for Complex Embedded systems finished
Strategic Knowledge Enhancement: International Visiting Professor, Alfonso Pierantonio finished
SUCCESS: Safety assurance of Cooperating Construction Equipment in Semi-automated Sites finished
SWELL - Swedish V&V Excellence finished
SYNOPSIS - Safety Analysis for Predictable Software Intensive Systems finished
Tangible and Ambient Interaction for Process Automation finished
TESTOMAT Project - The Next Level of Test Automation finished
The Siblings Project finished
Third Eye: An Intelligent Assisting Aid for Older Individuals with a Recently Acquired Visual Impairment finished
TIMERS - Timing analysis, modeling and evaluation of RTS finished
Timing Analysis on Code-Level finished
TIMMO-2-USE finished
Tools for analysis of complex software systems finished
TRUSTCM - TRUSTed decision-making system for Cognitive Manufacturing finished
V-trustEE finished
Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Parallel Systems finished

Radu Dobrin, Associate Professor,Head of Division,International Coordinator

Email: radu.dobrin@mdh.se
Room: U3-138
Phone: 021-107356