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Virtually every company have implemented some kind of Business Performance Measurement System (BPMS) with the purpose of monitoring production and business performance and to execute business and corporate strategy at all levels in a company. As sustainability has become a focus area, new frameworks and measures have been introduced. There are however shortcomings in today’s industrial practice regarding BPMS such as (1) unclear interdependencies between individual measures, (2) poor inclusion of the sustainability dimension into BPMS and improvement systems, (3) vague links between measures, goals and strategic decisions and (4) lack of principals and measures for improvements of other processes than manufacturing.

The aim of the SuRe BPMS project is to address these shortcomings in close collaboration within the project consortium, consisting of 3 universities, one research institute, 5 manufacturing companies and two consultancy firms. The industrial project partners are recruited to form a broad constellation regarding size, products, role and motivation for participating in the project.

The project goals are to (1) include the sustainability dimension to the BPMS and improvement system, (2) develop measures supporting proactive decisions instead of reactive measuring, (3) increase organizational alignment of performance measures between different levels in the organization, (4) add performance characterization of more business processes into the BPMS.The objective is to increase efficiency and measurability in corporate management and production strategies integrating sustainability. This will in turn lead to reduced cost, increased resource efficiency and transparency in forthcoming decisions based on new principles and support.

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Using the Green Performance Map: towards material efficiency measurement (May 2018)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Martin Kurdve

Sustainable and Resource Efficient Business Performance Measurement Systems – The Handbook (Oct 2017)
Peter Almström , Carin Andersson , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Peter Hammersberg , Martin Kurdve, Anna Landström , Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Christina Windmark , Mats Winroth , Mats Zackrisson

Improve material efficiency through an assessment and mapping tool (Jun 2017)
Sasha Shahbazi, Pernilla Amprazis
The International Sustainable Development Research Society 2017 (ISDRS2017)

Sustainability Performance Indicators at Shop Floor Level in Large Manufacturing Companies (Mar 2017)
Mats Zackrisson , Martin Kurdve, Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson, Mats Winroth , Anna Landström , Peter Almström , Carin Andersson , Christina Windmark , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Andreas Myrelid
24th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (CIRPLCE17)

Present state analysis of business performance measurement systems in large manufacturing companies (Jun 2016)
Anna Landström , Carin Andersson , Christina Windmark , Peter Almström , Mats Winroth , Magnus Wiktorsson, Sasha Shahbazi, Martin Kurdve, Mats Zackrisson , Anna Ericsson Öberg , Andreas Myrelid
PMA Conference 2016 (PMA2016)

Using the Green Performance Map: towards the next step in material efficiency measurement (Jun 2016)
Sasha Shahbazi, Magnus Wiktorsson
23rd EurOMA conference (EUROMA 2016)

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