Green Production Systems



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The vision of the project is to develop `Green production systems` to be a competitive mean to Swedish automotive and manufacturing industry. It requires the mindset and incentives of manufacturing industry to define and implement a ‘green’ strategy in integration with a Lean philosophy. It also requires the development of knowledge as well as supporting tools to facilitate the needed visualisation, control and management of environmental parameters within the production system.

The project is financed during 2010-2012 by VINNOVA within the FFI-program.

The objectives of the project is formulated as:
- To set the preconditions and frames of what a green production system is.
- To identify best practices of green production systems.
- To visualize the environmental impact and added value of a production system.
- To find ways of following-up and managing a green production system.
- To develop guidelines for value improvement and cost decrease by environmental strategies and actions within, and directed towards the production system.

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Monica Bellgran, Professor