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Doctoral Thesis (1)

Development of collaborative green lean production systems (Sep 2014)
Martin Kurdve

Journal article (4)

Lean and green integration in production systems in Sweden - barriers, incentives and opportunities (Dec 2014)
Martin Kurdve, Mats Zackrisson , Magnus Wiktorsson, Ulrika Harlin
International Journal of Cleaner Production (IJCLEPRO)

Drivers for life cycle perspectives in Product Realization (Jan 2012)
Magnus Wiktorsson
Acta Technica Corviniensis – Bulletin of Engineering

Sustainable metalworking fluid systems: Best and common practice for metalworking fluid maintenance and system design in Swedish industry (2012)
Martin Kurdve, L Daghini
International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)

Reducing environmental impact from manufacturing – a multiple case study of the manufacturing of ‘green’ products (Aug 2011)
Magnus Wiktorsson, Anna Granlund, Monica Bellgran
Journal of Production Research & Management

Conference/Workshop Paper (6)

Use of environmental value stream mapping and environmental loss analysis in lean manufacturing work at Volvo (Dec 2011)
Martin Kurdve
Proceedings of the 4th Swedish Production Symposium, May 3-5th 2011

Green Performance Map – An Industrial Tool for Enhancing Environmental Improvements within a Production System (May 2011)
Karin Romvall, Martin Kurdve, Monica Bellgran
CIRP Life Cycle Engineering

A systematic approach for identifying material and logistics efficiency potentials in assembly (May 2011)
Martin Kurdve, Karin Romvall, Monica Bellgran, Emma Torstensson
Proceedings of the 4th Swedish Production Symposium, May 3-5th 2011

Competitiveness by integrating the green perspective in production – A review presenting challenges for research and industry (Jul 2010)
Karin Romvall, Magnus Wiktorsson, Monica Bellgran
20th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM) 2010

Reducing Environmental Impact from Manufacturing: Three Industrial Cases for the Manufacturing of ‘Green’ Products (Jun 2009)
Magnus Wiktorsson, Anna Granlund, Monica Bellgran
42nd CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems

Sustainable Manufacturing - Challenges and Possibilities for Research and Industry from a Swedish perspective (Nov 2008)
Magnus Wiktorsson, Monica Bellgran, Mats Jackson
The 41st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems

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