Staffan Andersson, Doctoral student

Staffan Andersson has a Bachelor in Aeronautics and a M.Sc. in Production and Logistics. He has worked in the aircraft industry for four years as both a Maintenance Planner as well as a Structural Designer. He has also worked as a back-end Assistant Project Manager for a robotics OEM, and a Project Manager for a test and verification project in the pharmaceutical industry.

This PhD project targets the integration process of safe robots. This work will be conducted within the Applications of Automation Team, in close collaboration with MITC and the Lab being created in Eskilstuna. In contrast to current robot applications, collaborative robots work closely with humans. Therefore, safety measures and supporting processes need to be in place, and this will require competences outside the current automation requirements. These competences encompass both technical and soft (human) skills that are part of an industry 4.0 production system. The purpose of the research is therefore to investigate how companies can implement safe robots in an industry 4.0 environment, focusing on production system development. This work is carried out in collaboration among MITC and MDH.