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Licentiate Thesis (1)

User-involved service innovation – three perspectives on co-creation (Nov 2015)
Carina Sjödin

Collection (Editor) (1)

Visitor involvement and extensive networking. (Oct 2010)
Carina Sjödin, Christer Nygren, Tomas Backström
Organising work for innovation and growth - Esxperiences and efforts in ten companies.

Journal article (1)

Customers experiences of co-creation during service (Nov 2012)
Carina Sjödin, Per Kristensson
International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences

Conference/Workshop Paper (7)

Dilemmas in designing e-learning experiences for professionals (Dec 2021)
Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Ioanna Aslanidou, Jakob Axelsson, Shahina Begum, Leo Hatvani, Anders Olsson, Sebastian Schwede, Carina Sjödin, Jan Skvaril, Valentina Zaccaria
20th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL)

The practice of weak signal scanning in distributed innovation (Oct 2014)
Carina Sjödin
ISPIM Americas Innovation Forum (ISPIM)

A foresight study on future trends influencing material consumption and waste generation in production (May 2014)
Sasha Shahbazi, Carina Sjödin, Marcus Bjelkemyr, Magnus Wiktorsson
24th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2014)

The character of innovation system for service
Erik Lindhult, Carina Sjödin, Christer Nygren, Neil Urquhart
7th AMA SERVSIG International Service Research conference 2012 (7th AMA SERVSIG)

From development to delivery in industrial service innovation (Aug 2011)
Erik Lindhult, Carina Sjödin, Neil Urquhart
Nordic Academy of Management Conference (NFF), August 22-24, Stockholm, 2011

Carina Sjödin, Per Kristensson

Shared vision as an order parameter (Apr 2010)
Tomas Backström, Anette Strömberg, Carina Sjödin
Society for chaos in psychology and life sciences international conference

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