Sustainable production of alcohol sensors



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The traffic fatalities due to alcohol misuse can be reduced by sobriety testing of drivers. An innovative solution has been developed by the project team to deal with this challenge. The product demonstrator is a user-friendly and cost-effective alcohol sensor.

The main idea behind the project is towards retention of a sustainable production environment within Sweden, by minimizing outsourcing and creating more job opportunities. In addition, the reduction in alcohol related traffic fatalities will potentially save 1000s of lives worldwide each year.

The project addresses the UDI target area ´Competitive production:Product, Process & Production Innovation´. It exploits the results from stage2 and is expected to carry the technology to a higher TRL for large scale industrial implementation in stage3.

The project consortium consists of different partners both from industry and academia bringing their expertise & knowledge together to meet the challenges addressed in this project.

The project is expected to raise the TRL from 5 to 8 including the development of a cost competitive alcohol sensor for the automotive industry, its verification & validation by full scale operational & functional field tests and its industrialization through step-wise automation and ramp-up plans.

Moreover, the concept (virtual model) for a high volume production line will also be developed considering the flexible/adaptable approaches using KPIs and optimization tools. The industrialization also includes the development of a test & calibration system and a supply chain tool.

The project shall also result in spin off products related to healthcare & environmental monitoring, and also new business opportunities in the global market.

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