Turning Point Bergslagen. Narrative and communicative aspects of Socio economical Processes

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This study , launched in 2009, is part of a project within which researchers from several disciplines and universities are engaged. The overall purpose is to develop knowledge of the industrial heritage of Bergslagen as a resource in tourism and cultural industry. The research project is associated to The Bergslagen Venture, a national effort to improve and diversify the mine and steel region in the middle of Sweden. This part is an explorative study with the purpose of creating a starting point and frame of reference for future analysis of the regional impact of The Bergslagen Venture. This is a qualitative study including narrative and ethnographic approaches and carried out with textual analysis, interviews and fieldwork. An important focus is the relation between the conceptions of Bergslagen communicated with support of websites, twitter, blogs etc. and the reality that the visitor face when coming to the fysical place.

Inger Orre, Associate Professor

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