Olov Candell, Researcher


Dr. Candell has a professional background in Operation and Maintenance Engineering and more than 25 years of defense industry and aviation industry experience, mainly in the areas of Operation, Maintenance engineering, Logistic Support and Systems Engineering (SE). He is Director Research and Technology and R&T Project leader at Staff Strategy and Portfolio at Saab BA Support & Services. Olov has experience as a researcher and project leader in VINNOVA NFFP programs 3-6, is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the department for Operation and Maintenance Engineering at Luleå University of Tech. (LTU), Sweden, and INCOSE Certified SE Professional (CSEP). 


PhD, Operations and Maintenance, LTU, 2009. 

BSc in Political Science and Economics, Linköping Univ. 2002.



Applied research focusing on the development and application of information solutions and data-driven applications for operation maintenance, and logistics support within security and defence.