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On Condition Based Maintenance and its Implementation in Industrial Settings


Publication Type:

Doctoral Thesis


Mälardalen University Press Dissertation


In order to stay competitive, it is necessary for companies to continuously increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes. Production strategies such as Justin- Time and Lean Production demand high availability of production equipment in order to meet customer satisfaction. Therefore, maintenance has gained in importance as a support function for ensuring equipment availability, quality products, on-time deliveries, and plant safety. Maintenance, though, is a costly support function. It has been reported that as much as 70% of the total production cost can be spent on maintenance. Further, as much as onethird of the cost of maintenance is incurred unnecessarily due to bad planning, overtime cost, limited or misused preventive maintenance, and so on. Well-performed maintenance implies seeing as few corrective maintenance actions as possible while performing as little preventive maintenance as possible. This might seem as a utopia, but during the past decades strategies and concepts have evolved for support. One of these is condition based maintenance. In condition based maintenance, critical item characteristics are monitored (through, for example, vibration or temperature monitoring) in order to gain early indications of an incipient failure. Research, though, has shown that condition based maintenance has not been implemented on a wide basis. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to investigate how a condition based maintenance approach can be implemented in an industrial setting, and to develop a method that can assist companies in their implementation efforts. Further, the research has been divided in three research questions. The first focuses on condition based maintenance as an approach; seeking constituents essential to take into consideration when implementing the approach. The second focuses on the decision-making process prior an implementation can commence. Finally, the third focuses on the implementation of the condition based maintenance approach in a company. By using a systems approach and a case study process, how condition based maintenance can be implemented as a routine has been investigated. The result is an implementation method in which four suggested phases are presented. The method starts with a feasibility test. It then continues with an analysis phase, an implementation phase, and an assessment phase. These steps are taken in order, for example, to invest in the proper condition based maintenance approach and to implement it gradually. The conclusions can be summarized as follows: implementing condition based maintenance consists of many general enabling factors, including management support, education and training, good communication, and motivation etc.


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