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Mälardalen University and the AI group was responsible for developing the AI tool for the project (mian project leader Chalmers and Volvo Car)

Development of a cloud based tool based on AI and statistics, able to adjust parameters in the production in real time. The tool enables improvement in borh quality and reduction of spillage (parts needing to be scrapt due to not meeting quality requirements). A number of publications have been produced presenting parts of the results.

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Mixed-Effect Models for the Analysis and Optimization of Sheet-Metal Assembly Processes (Feb 2017)
Ivan Tomasic, Alf Andersson , Peter Funk
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IEEE-TII)

Sources of Variation Analysis in Fixtures for Sheet Metal Assembly Process (Oct 2016)
Ivan Tomasic, Ilker Erdem , Hamidur Rahman, Alf Andersson , Peter Funk
Swedish Production Symposium 2016 (SPS 2016)

Inline Process Control – a concept study of efficient in-line process control and process adjustment with respect to product geometry (Oct 2016)
Alf Andersson , Ilker Erdem , Peter Funk, Hamidur Rahman, Henrik Kihlman , Kristofer Bengtsson , Petter Falkman , Johan Torstensson , Johan Carlsson , Michael Scheffler , Stefan Bauer , Joachim Paul , Lars Lindkvist , Per Nyqvist
Swedish Production Symposium 2016 (SPS 2016)

Potential synergies between case-based reasoning and regression analysis in assembly processes (Sep 2014)
Ivan Tomasic, Peter Funk
Workshop on Synergies between CBR and Data Mining at 22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (CBRDM'14)

Automating a car production line adjustments by using case-based reasoning (Sep 2014)
Ivan Tomasic, Alf Andersson , Peter Funk
Swedish Production Symposium 2014 (SPS 2014)

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