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The overall objective of the ProDrive project is to develop a modular, standardized and configurable electric hybrid powertrain for heavy vehicles that will eventually be able to meet the needs of several vehicle manufacturers and automotive applications. ProDrive 1 includes identifying and analyzing the impact factors for the development of the powertrain product. Analysis will identify weaknesses and propose changes to working practices and supporting methods. The purpose is to deliver better information for making decisions regarding development of the product. The goal is to answer questions about how to define requirements on a system product, and to answer questions about how the system product scope is chosen, defined and maintained. The purpose of investigating and proposing methodological support is thus to provide tools to work effectively with the development of the systems product throughout its lifecycle.

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Mats Jackson Professor
Joakim Fröberg Researcher

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Tailoring a method for system architecture analysis (Apr 2013)
Joakim Fröberg , Stig Larsson
9th Annual Software Engineering Institute Architecture Technology User Network Conference, SATURN

A method for analyzing architectural drivers when engineering a system architecture (Apr 2013)
Joakim Fröberg , Stig Larsson
7th Annual IEEE Systems Conference

What Information on Business Parameters is Required by Embedded Software Developers to do an Effective Job? (Jun 2012)
Joakim Fröberg , Stefan Cedergren, Stig Larsson
Software Business - Third International Conference, ICSOB 2012

Engineering an Electric Drive System Platform for use in Multiple Automotive Applications (Dec 2011)
Joakim Fröberg
Proceedings from the International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management

Eliciting Critical Information in a Pre-Study Phase of Developing a Drive System Platform for Automotive Applications (Sep 2011)
Joakim Fröberg , Stefan Cedergren, Stig Larsson
Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering and Engineering Management for Sustainable Global Development

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