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Robotics and automation have played a strategic role in manufacturing since half of the twentieth century. Today the competition at the global level ifs very tough, and the modern industries are identifying a clear trend towards more sustainable, flexible and cost efficient solutions, especially with respect to robotized processes. According to the European Robotics Technology Platform (EUROP) strategic research agenda (07/2009), lightweight robotics in manufacturing has been identified as one of the key factor to guarantee flexibility and cost savings, with huge impacts on the energy consumption. ABB, as one the biggest players in the robotics field, is not ignoring the new trend, that opens up new markets and new robot concepts, so the R&D is moving towards new research directions, and new academic collaborations. The objective of the project is to identify and validate new modular and lightweight solutions to structure the new generations of industrial robots where flexibility and energy saving are the main requirements against the current solutions. The expected results for the project are 1) Identification of the best strategies and methodologies to be used in lightweight and modular robotic structures, 2) Validation of the proposed solutions in terms of selected performance indexes, 3) Design and build one or two physical prototypes

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