PREPARE 09 Produktionsutveckling - Manufacturing Strategy



The objective with this project is to describe critical features of moving towards a manufacturing strategy supporting make or buy decisions and a global manufacturing structure. The project is based on a case at SECO Tools in Fagersta, Sweden discussing supply chain challenges that the company is meeting and the approaches to reach them. The global perspective is essential for creating the manufacturing strategy considering the global manufacturing structure. The basis for making right make/buy decisions is to understand where the business is driving. The business criteria should be analyzed and set up in the strategies as competitive factors and then translated to performance objectives in order to guide the development of manufacturing units and also supporting the make-or-buy analysis. The performance objectives are specified and the units are positioned according to Quality, Lead-time and Efficiency-areas and volume ranges. A conflict area in the positioning is identified and need to be solved and different scenarios comes up with a proposal of a using a flexible pot to manage it. It is also important to be synchronised with other strategies and with same interest for common KPI`s with manufacturing, purchasing and R&D opens for competitive improvements.
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Magnus Wiktorsson Visiting Professor
Kim Sörensen